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Welcome to Law Office of Rachel Benedict. Immigration law is a complex and ever-changing area of the law with very high stakes. At Law Office of Rachel Benedict we provide compassionate, thorough, and effective immigration legal services which help our clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Whether you are a manager who wants to hire a talented foreign national, a parent who wants to reunite with her children, a husband who wants to avoid a 10-year separation from his wife, or anyone else who wants more information on how to immigrate to or remain in the US, contact us for guidance.



Increased Immigration Enforcement at the Expense of Public Safety?

May 2, 2017,

An increase in the fear of deportation leads to a decrease in crime reporting. This is one reason why many police chiefs in the greater Boston area, and in other parts of the country, oppose entering into programs where their… read more


Today is the Deadline for Voter Registration in Massachusetts!

October 19, 2016

The Law Office of Rachel Benedict would like to remind all of those who are eligible to vote to register if they have not already done so! The Massachusetts deadline for voter registration is today (October 19, 2016), and you… read more


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